Dental Care Services

Green Dental offers a wide range of different dental services to help our patients maintain beautiful and healthy smiles. Dr. Kwon offers diligent and attentive dental care for patients of all ages ensuring their optimal comfort at every visit.

Exams and cleanings

When you first visit Dr. Kwon’s office, you will receive a complete dental exam from the dentist and staff. Preventative care treatments may be recommended at this time which include sealants, fluoride treatments, professional breath control, and periodontal treatments. These options will start you on the path to improved dental health and a beautiful smile.


Dental sealants are comprised of resin and are placed on the surface of teeth. This material forms a bond over the grooves and depressions in the tooth’s chewing surfaces. A sealant works as a barrier to protect the tooth’s enamel from acid and plaque.

When bacteria collects on the surface of teeth, both below and above the gunline, periodontal disease often results. The disease disintegrates vital gum tissue and bone and is considered as the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The bacteria also travels to the bloodstream where it can cause damage to other organs in the body.

Night Guard

For patients suffering from clenching or teeth grinding, Night Guard can alleviate these symptoms and restore normal sleep.

Root Canal Therapy

During a root canal treatment, the bacteria and toxins along with the nerve tissue are removed. Once this space is cleaned, the sealing and filling of the tooth’s interior occurs. We offer root canal treatment for patients requiring this dental procedure.

Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign clear braces are used to gradually shape and realign teeth over time. This aligner is clear and virtually undetectable when speaking or chewing. Every two weeks the aligner is readjusted until the position that is desired is obtained.